DamaLUFT platform for CO2 monitoring

Our DamaLUFT platform measures and reports carbon dioxide concentration in a closed space (office, meeting room, waiting room, classroom, restaurant, shop, fitness room, etc.). The platform accomplishes a crucial contribution to indoor air quality, by enabling space occupants and building managers to make proper decisions about the need for room ventilation. Properly ventilated room with low CO2 concentration means:

1) Decreased risk for COVID-19, influenza and other illnesses where the virus spreads by respiratory droplets of aerosols.

2) Better comfort for room occupants, preventing headaches and dizziness from poor air quality.

3) Better workplace and study performance of the occupants, as high CO2 levels in the room would affect their decision-making and cognitive capabilities.

The platform consists of a sensor device that is placed in the room and a web application running in the Cloud. 

DamaLUFT Device

DamaLUFT sensor device is a small (8cm x 10cm x 4cm) device that can be placed on a wall or a desk in the room. It is battery operated and equipped with a WiFi communication module for secure connection to DamaLUFT software application over the Internet. The device has LED visual alarm indicating when CO2 level is above a predefined threshold.      

DamaLUFT software application is a cloud web-based application that enables the users to read the latest CO2 measuring from the sensor device, as well as historical graphs for CO2 levels in the past. It also enables the company administrator or building manager to make sophisticated analyses comparing CO2 readings of all sensor devices, to find poorly ventilated rooms and when the peaks of CO2 levels occur. This analysis can be customized to reflect working hours and working days of the company. Additionally, user privileges and user access to specific sensor devices (per place, room, building) can be managed here. Hereby, the platform enables the users to make proper decisions when to ventilate the space, but also it provides insight into potential generic problems with space and building ventilation. DamaLUFT