IoT Platform

Our IoT platform is an umbrella automation platform covering various solutions that can be selected per customer needs. This platform consists of three main components, completely designed, built, and integrated by our team of engineers:

1) IoT devices for the acquisition of sensor data and controlling automation appliances. These devices are based on different microcontrollers and communication modules (Wi-Fi, GPRS, RF, LTE, NB-IoT).

2) A fully redundant web platform for data storage and presentation, registration and controlling of automation appliances, reporting and data analysis.

3) Mobile applications to read and govern IoT devices.

We have created the following IoT solutions covering customer needs in different areas:

DamaLUFT platform measures and reports carbon dioxide concentration in a closed space (office, meeting room, waiting room, classroom, restaurant, shop, fitness room, etc.). The platform accomplishes a crucial contribution to indoor air quality, by enabling space occupants and building managers to make proper decisions about the need for room ventilation.

DamaPROOF is a real time, remote monitoring platform for detecting entry to infrastructure manholes and other lid-accessed spaces without electric power supply.

DamaPlant solution enables complete greenhouse management, plants’ fertilization, and irrigation. Using proper sensors, electromagnetic solenoid water valves, and electromotors it provides regulation of climatic conditions, fertilization, and irrigation of the plants in the greenhouse, controlled by user actions defined in the application.

DamaLight provides smart street lighting designed for energy efficiency and user convenience. The solution includes appliances and sensors that automate the street lighting and adjust it to environmental conditions. Additionally, meteo data are gathered and presented to solution administrators and citizens.

DamaMatic solution enables efficient automation of various appliances by integrating different off-the-shelf sensors for measuring air quality and pollution, Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, as well as devices for AC power switching, AC power metering, and Fleet Management.

Moreover, new IoT devices can be seamlessly added to this versatile, easy-to-scale platform according to specific requirements. We would be glad to help design and deploy this IoT platform tailored to your needs.