Our team provides development in two main areas:

custom application software
embedded software


In this area we provide assistance and consulting, so you will be able to choose the right technology for your project. Making the right decision in the project inception will protect your funds, resources and time in the project implementation steps.

We can design, develop, test and deploy the proper solution fitting your assignment. Our business analysts can make a complete and detailed overview of your current situation, your business need and functional requirements under your supervision and come up with the relevant insight. The right insight can be a decisive game changer for your company.


The embedded systems software development will enable you to implement complete automation in production or monitoring processes. We can deploy program code tailored to the hardware it has to control, monitor and reside on. 

Hereby we empower you to take an active part into automation paradigm of Industry 4.0. This way we contribute to the feasibility of a widespread Internet of Things ecosystem, where the future is headed. We don’t just talk the IOT talk, we can fully deploy it.


The expertise and knowledge enable our team to fully integrate the newly developed software application, embedded software or solution into your existing company or hardware ecosystem. 

We can add different types of interfaces and protocols for an efficient communication exchange with existing applications, such as web services, REST API, stored procedures, etc.

Our experience with computing and storage hardware components from different vendors enables our team to perform installation and integration of a complete, turn-key solution for the customer.


Our two decades of experience in the relevant industries can be beneficial in giving the right advice for the right issue.

We can advise on business case preparations, project scope and requirements definition, IT architecture and technology, vendor selection criteria and evaluation. 

We can professionally guide the project implementation with project management from the initiation until final stage, resulting in timely and on-budget completion of the undertaking for the commissioner.

You can rely on us as a trusted partner to help your company to move your business to the cloud or build hybrid/multi cloud solutions. More specifically we can offer DevOps consulting based on Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform including cloud assessment, migration and deployment projects.


Our engagement model offers the proven resources outsourcing and team extension, adjustable to customer needs, as well as project-based contracting based on customer defined scope.

We provide a business analysis, followed by mutual validation of identified requirements and scope. We will assure a seamless team and corporate culture extension so that customer’s business processes and development environment are appropriately replicated and applied at your new team.

Moreover, you can also get a functional Dedicated Development and Delivery Center fulfilling all IT development, deployment and support tasks for the specific technology or application area. We are recruiting, training and managing an engineering team dedicated to develop, test and support your technology products.