DamaPROOF - Infrastructure Manhole Security Platform

DamaPROOF is a real time, remote monitoring platform for detecting entry to infrastructure manholes and other lid-accessed spaces without electric power supply.

Infrastructure manholes are a crucial part of networking backbone used by various service providers, such as telecommunications, heating, water and gas suppliers. These manholes are vulnerable to unauthorized entry and vandalism, that can result in major damage for the service provider (stolen cables, damaged network, service outage, harmed reputation). 










DamaPROOF platform includes:

  • • Security device with multiple sensors installed in the manhole, to detect authorized or unauthorized entry;
  • • Real-time wireless communication with the monitoring software application in Cloud, informing the staff to take appropriate actions upon detected alarms;
  • • Application view of manhole status (open/closed/maintenance) and alarms on a city map
  • • Application module to manage infrastructure maintenance intervals;
  • • Detailed monitoring reports and analytics for alarms and performed field work;
  • • Over-the-air updates ensuring latest firmware and enabling customization of the alarm devices;